Sunday December 17th  is the Third Sunday of Advent

Mass Information

Saturday 4:30pm: Fr. David James Homilist and Presider

Sunday 7am: Fr. David James Homilist and Presider

Sunday 9am: Fr. Bob Scully Homilist and Presider

Sunday 11am: Fr. Peter Worn, Homilist and Presider/Children’s Mass featuring 1st and 3rd graders

Special Intentions

This week we pray for:  John Gallivan & Gail Gardner

Mass Times Survey

We need your feedback!

Currently in the Diocese, we have 101 priests who are serving 127 parishes.  Of these, only 26 are under the age of 55.  As a result, many parishes, including St. Joseph’s, are making plans to review various ministries.  In the near future, our parish will be pursuing a necessary change in our Sunday Mass schedule (2 Mass times instead of 3).  At the present time, the Saturday, 4:30pm will remain the same.  As part of this process, we would like to gather feedback from as many parishioners as possible.  Please take a few moments to answer the following questions as well as provide us with any other comments or concerns you have about this topic.