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What’s Our Day Like

What do we do during our school day?

Although we have a routine, which guides us throughout each day, we remain flexible in this routine to allow for special activities that may arise.

We focus on a different color and letter, shape and number each week. Our curriculum is based on the New York State Core Standards and is designed to prepare the children with the social and educational skills they will need upon entry into Kindergarten.

The children are divided into 2 classes- The Frogs and The Bees.

Children are given the opportunity to select the centers they would like to explore. We closely monitor the centers to make sure they are reaping all the benefits from the activities designed to support skill development. The children have the opportunity to visit the centers in each of the two classrooms during the course of the week.

Our Centers include The Block Center, The Sensory Table, The Creativity Center, The Social Studies Center, The Science Center, The Literacy Center, The Dramatic Play Center, The Math Center, The Learning Loft and The Fine Motor Skills Center.

Gross-Motor Area Includes: Gymnasium Or Outdoor Play Area.

We take about 3-4 Field Trips per year. Parents must provide transportation to and from the field trip. Parents are welcome to remain with the class for the duration of the field trip, but are not required to do so.

Daily Schedule:

  • Arrival (10 min)
  • Circle time(15 min)
  • Centers (60 min)
  • Snack and Read Story (20 min)
  • Gross Motor (30 min)
  • Combine for Music (15 min)
  • Dismissal