Living Our Faith

For the past 10 years, we have helped 44 charities with over $85,000 in contributions from our ‘Living our Faith’ program. 


We are now accepting nominations for organizations/charities that our parish might support in 2018.  If you have a special cause that you want our committee to consider, please submit a written letter of support (preferably by email to and include how the organization would benefit from our assistance.  Local, national and global organizations/charities will be considered. 


Information due by Easter Sunday, April 16th.  (If you cannot do by email please place it in an envelope marked:  “ATTN:  Living our Faith” and either put it in the collection basket or drop it off to the parish office. 

Jail Ministry

During the months of July and August we will recognize Jail Ministry.

Jail Ministry serves primarily to advocate for people incarcerated in the Onondaga County Justice Center.  In addition to the Visitor-Advocacy Program, this ministry performs social-justice work, helps facilitate Recovery, offers a Poverty Bail Program and holds prayer meetings and Bible study with the inmates.

The organization defines itself as “a grassroots, social justice, spiritually founded community collective organized to advocate on the behalf of the incarcerated; to promote peace-making and to advance the protection of human dignity within the community. Over 60 volunteers share their light and gifts on a regular basis to ensure that the Gospel imperative to visit the prisoner is lived out faithfully in our community.

We are excited to welcome Keith Cieplicki, Jail Ministry Coordinator, this weekend as he shares with us the great works of this organization.


For more information visit their Facebook Page:

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